HSB’s New Sensor Solutions Stop Water Leaks Remotely with Smart Shutoff Device. To learn more, click here

IoT that reduces losses creates differentiation protects businesses  makes insurtech real

IoT that connects and protects reduces losses creates differentiation makes insurtech real

Unleashing real time IoT data that transforms insurance

Maximizing your IoT investment requires more than just sensors

We are focused on unpacking the underlying IoT data, creating meaningful insights and analytics that lead to real insurance outcomes. Unlike many technology companies that are just selling sensors, we’re creating an end-to-end solution that eliminates the mystery of IoT and delivers the results that matter: loss prevention, predictive maintenance, customer engagement, and tangible RoI. 

Products That Connect and Protect

Our impact on businesses and communities

With HSB, we are predicting and preventing losses that would otherwise shut down main street businesses and neighborhoods.

Our partners

We are working with leading organizations to build pioneering products and create a broad ecosystem of sensor solutions.

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