Meshify Achieves Type II SOC2

And What It Means For Our Partners

Continuing our relentless emphasis on safeguarding client data and applying best-in-class security processes, Meshify recently achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

Meshify began its SOC2 journey in 2020, when we achieved Type 1 SOC2 compliance. Type 1 compliance showed that Meshify is up to the security standards of SOC2 at that moment in time. This was a good achievement, but we wanted to show to our partners that we maintain these standards at all times.

For the last year at Meshify, we have been diligently following our security procedures and documenting the effort. We achieved Type II SOC2 compliance this August. The audit report independently verifies that Meshify has maintained its SOC2 compliance throughout the last year with no exceptions.

With Meshify achieving Type II SOC2 compliance, you can be assured that Meshify is following industry standard best-practices for security. We continue to enforce our security standards internally and will complete future SOC2 audits annually to maintain our Type II SOC2 compliance. As a partner, you can trust our security posture and procedures to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data.