Access to data makes decisions easier and more trustworthy.

How data is presented, organized, and curated can either help with telling the story of your data, or hinder the true story. Meshify and HSB saw the troubles first-hand when working with our clients at the intersection of Insurance data and IoT sensor data. Too many companies keep these data streams separate. We have been working diligently over the past few months to imagine, design, build and deliver a data analytics platform to our customers. We call this platform Insights. Leveraging key stakeholders from within HSB and with key insurance partners, we have made sense of the stream of data that we receive daily, and provide these analytics to client companies in easy-to-digest interactive tools.

Starting from the ground up, we imagined Insights as a platform to provide digestible analytics to client companies without the need for complex calculations. The HSB Product team met in Austin, along with designers, developers, analysts and domain experts. The design and product charette lasted over three days – but the outcome was a clean and efficient development plan and design.

We designed Insights with the client companies in mind. Working hand-in-hand with designers and stakeholders, HSB and Meshify listened to client companies, and developed workflows and reports which answer the most pressing questions a client company might have. Brainstorming with data scientists, we were able to identify the data streams that would provide the most input, and evolve the initial data tables to informative and useful resources.

We built insights to be a dynamic and responsive web application that would be easy to use for all users. The DevOps team created a powerful infrastructure which is able to scale and perform under load. Our frontend engineering team leveraged best coding practices to create a React application that works quickly and for all web browsers. Our backend and data engineers worked tirelessly to stitch together sensor data, financial data, operations data, and metadata from installations and deployments. This data integration allowed us to unlock secrets stored within disparate data sources, and bring together correlations that are difficult to tease out of the raw data sets.

We delivered Insights to our client companies on time. With all of the teams addressing their components, we released Insights V1.0 in early October. I can’t wait for you to give it a try and tell me about your experience!

Insights V1.0 was released on October 4th to great celebration. An improvement made possible by work from product managers, developers, and business leaders. Insights can be found at