Meshify Defender Sensors

The next generation of Meshify LoRaWAN sensors

Powerful sensor defense, now with a more robust user experience

Introducing Meshify’s next generation sensor suite!

Meshify Defender sensors are our latest LoRaWAN devices, which offer the long range communication and strong battery life necessary to support diverse commercial and residential environments. Incorporating feedback from installers and users across the globe, Meshify Defender sensors also have new enhancements that dramatically improve the activation and monitoring experience.

Key features include:

  • Robust, wireless smart detection
    • Designed to predict and prevent property and equipment perils
    • Operates in commercial and residential environments 
    • LoRaWAN connectivity eliminates the need for Wi-Fi 
  • Simple setup and use
    • Activation and alert monitoring via Meshify Protect mobile app (iOS and Android)
    • Onboard signal checker to enable optimum device placement  
    • Powered by 2 easy-to-replace AA Lithium batteries
  • Superior flexibility for diverse applications
    • Ingress Protection (IP) rated for dust and weatherproof resistance
    • Optional attachments (leak probe, leak rope and temperature probe) expand detection capabilities

Built with the latest sensor technologies and a best-in-class experience, the Meshify Defender sensor suite unlocks a new era of Insurance IoT.