Leak & Freeze Sensor (Cellular)

No Wi-Fi, No problem. Simple sensors that cost-effectively detect water leaks and burst pipe situations

Big Things, Small Package

Meshify Leak & Freeze Sensor is our smart detection solution for small commercial and residential environments. With built-in cellular connectivity and a small form factor, the sensor works in diverse locations, even when Wi-Fi is not available.

Key features include:

  • Powerful risk detection
    • Advanced sensors to detect leaks and freezing temperatures that can damage property and equipment
    • Smart alerts and notifications via Meshify Protect mobile app or text messages, even when you’re not on-site
  • Simple setup and use
    • Pull a tab, hassle-free installation with no professional support required
    • Powered by an easy-to-replace CR123A battery (available anywhere electronics are sold)
  • Flexible for diverse applications
    • Sleek, tiny sensor fits anywhere leaks may occur
    • Wireless device that works without Wi-Fi to support locations where connectivity is limited (e.g. vacation homes, secondary offices)
    • Optional leak probe for expanded detection capabilities

Designed to be small and mighty, the Meshify Cellular Leak and Freeze sensor makes safeguarding your business or home more cost-effective and accessible than ever before.