Meshify Protect™

Proprietary mobile app supports the diverse install and monitoring needs of homes and commercial locations

Next generation sensor app to connect and protect your property

Meshify Protect lets you monitor your commercial or home environment, even when you’re not there. 

Built on nearly a decade of IoT experience and designed with the user in mind, Meshify Protect makes it easier than ever to safeguard your location with leading edge sensor technology.

Key features include:

  • More powerful monitoring and alert experience
    • Diverse snapshot views
    • More advanced graphing of device readings
  • Completely redesigned activation process
    • In-app installation instructions
    • Support for low-signal environments
  • Simpler, more flexible account management
    • Biometric login
    • User-selected notification preferences

Thanks to Meshify Protect’s intuitive user experience, staying ahead of property and equipment damage has never been easier. 

Download the Meshify Protect app today

Available on App Store and Google Play