Asset-tracking solution


Create geofences for alerts and reports

Point & click setup to gather data over Modbus RS-232, Modbus RS 485, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, Siemens S7, Analog 0-20V, Analog 4-20mA, Digital I/O

Detailed imagery with map or satellie view

Access to powerful visualizations within minutes of setup. You can use our boilerplate visualizations or choose from a set of templates to configure everything from charts to reports. in a single dashboard.

View real-time status & activity through advanced reporting

Receive emails and/or texts whenever something needs attention. The enterprise-grade notification group management allows you to send scheduled notifications to unlimitied users.

Compact module with multi-year lifespan

Ability to setup unlimited users to access the platform. Manage standard permissions and roles to give the right access to the right people.

Lower capital and operating expenditure than RFID or WiFi Tracking

Bank-grade encryption with AES-cryptography and private/public key pairs. Data from remote assets will be transferred over the network safely and securely with TLS 1.2 encryption between devices and servers.