The Complete Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

The Meshify Advantage

Value Points:
-Team understands both the business and technology issues that must be addressed to create new IoT offerings for broad adoption.
-Flexible framework for device management
-Real-Time data reporting and alerting
-Innovative platform (short time to market)
-Creating value in context of data driven applications
-Flexible data modeling to accomodate widest range of use cases
-Event based architecture (MQTT, web sockets, etc.)
-Distributed logic with analytics at the edge and in the cloud-server
-Industry's easiest activation and provisioning wizard
-Meshify line of fully integrated and managed hardware
-Edge software seamlessly integrates into any Vendor's device
-Full 2-way secure communication with field devices
-Multi-tenancy with unlimited number of roles/permissions
-Full Technology Stack developed from the ground up
-Built for horizontal scaling
-Built for White Labelling Partners
-Flexible business model to meet needs

What This Means

-Hardware you can plug into your existing equipment
-Software that runs on hardware and in the cloud to communicate
-Web-Based Application (Two Parts):
  Admin "Build and Manage" tools to manage communications (device, set-up, troubleshooting, alarms, alerts, subscriptions, user roles, etc.)
  User Experience tools to edit, add charts, and graphs for users, distributors and team members who need to analyze data and control devices
-Mobile Application to visualize data and control devices remotely
-Service to implement tools in your behalf to get an IoT solution running fast, efficiently and effectively