IoT Hardware Solutions

By offering combined hardware, cloud applications and integration services under one roof, Meshify enabled our company to rapidly deploy an IoT application at our gas processing plant.

--John Campbell, VP of Operations, Sierra Resources

The Complete Suite of IoT Hardware: Wireless connectivity, Edge analytics and Secure 2-way communication



M1 SPIDER: IoT Hardware Solutions to Start Visualizing Your Data

The M1 Spider is a 900 MHz Mesh Network Gateway that allows stable wireless connectivity over large areas. The M1 Spider is one of Meshify’s IoT hardware solutions that creates the self-healing mesh network while the M1 Fly jumps on that network allowing you to monitor and control end-devices on a single interface using our web and mobile applications.

Not only is it a gateway, the M1 Spider also has many data ports to monitor an asset while simultaneously functioning as the gateway for the M1 Fly’s connected to it. The M1 Spider connects back to the internet via one of several methods that you choose, depending on your need to balance ease of installation, reliability and cost. The M1 Spider supports cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Satellite communication.

IoT hardware solutions: M1 Spider

M1 FLY: Connect Multiple Devices with a Single Web

The M1 Fly doesn’t connect to the Internet directly, but rather is connected to the M1 Spider gateway through the 900 Mhz wireless mesh network. To make full use of our IoT hardware solutions, you need the M1 Spider for internet connectivity, but with the 900 MHz local mesh-network your end devices can be up to 1 mile away from the M1 Spider and still be on-line. Start making your devices smart, control and monitor them, and build your mesh-network efficiently with the M1 Fly.
IoT hardware solutions: M1 Fly

M1 DRAGONFLY: Cost-Effective Single Device Solution

Control and monitor a single device with our M1 Dragonfly, which connects any device to Meshify. It’s perfect for monitoring and controlling a one-off device where you don’t need to connect wirelessly to other devices in the local area. The M1 Dragonfly is also part of our out-of-the-box IoT solution called Meshify NOW, which includes a bundle of hardware, software and our platform.
IoT hardware solutions: M1 Dragonfly