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The Meshify NOW bundle is a starter kit that allows you to quickly connect your industrial assets and devices to Meshify’s platform and software. Meshify NOW provides a complete IoT solution out-of-the-box for accelerated deployment. Your data is saved in our cloud-based platform that you can access from any terminal in the world.


Support for Common Industrial Protocols




Point & click setup to gather data over Modbus RS-232, Modbus RS-485, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, Siemens S7, Analog 0-20V, Analog 4-20mA, Digital I/O.




Automatic Visualizations




The Meshify NOW platform provides powerful visualizations within minutes of set-up. You can use our out-of-the-box visualizations or choose from a set of templates to configure everything from charts to reports, all on one dashboard.


E-mail & Text Alarms




Receive e-mail and SMS alarms whenever something needs attention. Our enterprise-grade notification group management allows you to send scheduled notifications to unlimited users.




Unlimited Users




You can set up unlimited users to access the platform. On top of that, the standard permissions and roles give the right access to the right people.


Safe & Secure




Meshify makes use of bank-grade encryption with AES-cryptography and private/public key pairs. Your data from remote assets will be transferred over the network safely and securely with TLS 1.2 encryption between devices and servers.




30-Day Money Back Guarantee

money back



Meshify offers a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy, use our no headache return policy.




Additional Features

  • Provisioning on
  • Connect your assets using the M1 Dragonfly Cellular Gateway and RTU
  • Segment devices by name of custom groupings
  • Visualize data from each device
  • Monitor connectivity status over time
  • Diagnose issues remotely
  • Control Available through relay and digital outputs
  • Battery back-up onboard, notifications for power outages
  • Unlimited users allowed access
  • E-mail support
  • Access to Online Support Center

Tech Specs

  • Configure the M1 Dragonfly to acquire data from:
    • Modbus RTU (RS-232 or RS-485)
    • Modbus TCP
    • Ethernet/IP (Allen-Bradley PLC’s)
    • S7 (Siemens PLC’s)
    • 2 digital inputs / 4 digital outputs
    • 4 analog inputs (4-20mA and 0-20V)
  • Configure how data is pushed to Meshify
    • On user-configured amount Change AND
    • On user-configured guaranteed interval
  • 500 text message alerts per month
  • 5,000 e-mail alerts per month
  • Cellular connectivity included
    • 100 MB Verizon/AT&T (domestic), international rates available
    • Satellite back-up optional (5,000 data points/month)




$25/mo. monitoring fee

  • Add a data plan (AT&T)
  • $5/mo. 10 MB data
  • $10/mo. 50 MB data
  • $15/mo. 100 MB data