The LoRa wireless technology provides significant benefits for range while the power usage is among the lowest in the industry.  Meshify has integrated LoRa wireless technology into our industrial hardware offerings to service heavy-industry with this innovative technology.  This exciting product-line offers robust performance, substantial deployment and lifetime cost-savings for your IoT initiatives. Meshify's combined hardware and software offering now includes LoRa, saving you plenty of time while keeping overhead costs low.

Lora spider
A LoRa micro-gateway device that is pre-integrated to the Meshify hosted software offering allowing you to effortlessly connect your devices. This enables you to rapidly deploy your IoT application, complete with Meshify's 30-day Guarantee.

The LoRa Spider has many data ports to monitor an asset while simultaneously functioning as the gateway for our LoRa Industrial end devices to connect to it. The LoRa Spider connects back to the internet via one of several methods that you can choose from depending on your needs. The LoRa Spider supports: cellular, wi-fi, ethernet, and satellite communication.

LORA Industrial
Weather-ready, analog-only end device that can capture any 4-20mA or 0-20V analog sensor output. Example sensors include humidity, temperature, tank levels or pressure. The LoRa Industrial seamlessly connects to the LoRa Spider gateway. End devices can be up to 2 miles away from the LoRa Spider and still have a steady, secure connection.