The Complete Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

Complete Industrial IoT: Capture Your Valuable Device Data

Meshify offers the Complete Industrial Internet-of-Things Platform to remotely manage sensors & devices, that has already been successfully scaled across diverse industries by Total Safety, Tyco Gas & Flame Detection, REmoteIQ, Gems sensors & Controls, AND STALLION OILFIELD SERVICES. Meshify's complete IoT architecture and platform (including white-label option) provides all that you need to deploy, monitor, control, and analyze your devices.

Analyze real-time & historical data received directly from all your devices, including roll-up statistics that capture every Every key piece of information  on one live dashboard. With this data, you can reduce field service costs, ensure compliance, and add new revenue streams.


"By combining enterprise-class scalability, flexible architecture, and comprehensive device analytics, Meshify enabled our company to enter new markets in record time. When you are serious about scaling your IoT initiatives, it's time to choose Meshify." -Brad Beldon, CEO, Roof Monitor
"We thought our gas processing plant should utilize only 'off-the-shelf' solutions. As it turns out "customized" means a few days for Meshify and we got exactly what we need done. We got great value out of our relationship with Meshify and plan to look for new use-cases with them." -John Campbell, VP Operations, Sierra Resources
"Our business is built on reaching target markets that each present their own unique challenges. With Meshify, we acquired the flexibility and adaptability to rapidly scale and analyze devices from industries as diverse as process tank gauging, oil & gas and semiconductor manufacturing." -Stephen Lovass, President of Gems Sensors & Controls