The Complete Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

What IoT Solution Does Meshify Provide?

It can cost millions of dollars and years in development to build and maintain a robust back-end with a world-class front-end web and mobile application to accurately and consistently monitor and control remote hardware. After the initial development, your company is left with a rigid, large and complicated IT infrastructure that must be managed either internally or externally. Both options leave an open question of accurately forecasting the true cost of the solution. This uncertainty prevents many applications from starting, or worse, results in negative ROI for some well-intentioned remote-device solutions.

This is where Meshify’s successfully scaled IoT solution comes into the picture.

Also, don’t miss the demo video put together by Meshify co-founder and CEO, Dane Witbeck.

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Meshify: The Complete Industrial IoT Solution

Meshify offers the complete Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) Platform to remotely manage sensors & devices, that has been successfully scaled across diverse industries by the likes of Tyco Gas & Flame Detection, Henry Pump, Total Safety, Gems Sensors & Controls, Sierra Resources, Lubrizol and many more companies across diverse industries. The Meshify suite of tools provides all the features needed to deploy, monitor, control, and analyze the results on an IoT solution. Meshify is the one-stop-shop that enables new value-driven applications that scale effortlessly and are fully maintained. Manufacturers, service companies, and enterprise customers can all use the solution to deploy an “Industrial-Internet-of-Things” application.

Meshify NOW™: A Speedy, Out-of-the-Box IoT Solution

Meshify NOW offers an out-of-the-box IoT solution that minimizes barriers to deploy data gathering, analysis and visualization. The Meshify NOW bundle includes our M1 Dragonfly hardware that easily integrates with sensors and other industrial assets, reducing development efforts and slashing time to deployment. This product is perfect if you want to quickly connect a device to the cloud and start analyzing data within minutes, or if you want to take Meshify for a test-drive before committing to a larger, enterprise purchase. Read more about Meshify NOW.