The Complete Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

Connectivity Hardware: Gathering The Data

For quickest deployment, Meshify has built connectivity hardware as well as the full software infrastructure that runs the devices. However, as a “software-first” company, we can show you how Meshify works with our hardware, other hardware or with your completely custom-built hardware through our RESTful API or such common protocols as MQTT, TCP/IP, UDP and Web Sockets.

Meshify Platform: Comprehensive Analytics

The back-end software is configured right in the browser to create user roles and permissions, brand the solution, show data visualizations, and send commands to devices. The custom business intelligence layer enables your company to roll up statistics across all your devices. Receive real-time and time-series analytics from virtually any type of data point and device.


  • Easily adapt and customize, go all the way from the device connectivity layer, visualization, reporting.
  • White-Labelled (Option) and Highly Customized for your market.
  • Works across any Device/Equipment in One Dashboard
  • In-Browser HTML and Javascript Editor for complete interface control
  • Rapid Setup and Deployment Capabilities, enabling enterprise-class scalability
  • Time-Series Data Retrieval/Storage, view data by minute and second and as far back as you’d like
  • API for Data Ingest and Data Export
  • Themed for your brand
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Notifications engine to email, SMS, and smartphone push
  • Flexible configuration (ie. If more than X then send email to Y).
  • Configure charts for your app
  • Configure reports for your app
  • Google map integration for easy address searching for locations
  • Dashboard Configuration brings the most important data to the forefront.
  • Flexible Permissions and Roles to give only the access you want to different members of your value chain.
  • HTML5 and Javascript heavy architecture bringing you a fast and responsive UI / UX without server-side page reloads
  • Hosted solution meaning we do the heavy lifting, you just log-in. Cellular Connectivity management is included with SIM card provisioning and data plan management.