Remote monitoring & control for the company and home owners through web, iOS & Android.


Meshify provided MistAway with the perfect solution. We chose the Linx Technologies HumPro chip to integrate into their system with a Linx Technologies gateway “piggy-backing” on the customers’ existing internet connection.

MistAway wanted to keep recurring costs low for their residential customers so they didn’t want to use cellular data. They chose Meshify’s web and mobile applications. Several roles and permission sets for the different members of the value chain were created, including: MistAway Admin, MistAway Support, Service Admin, Service Field Personnel, and Customer.

Meshify plug and play setup allowed service companies and their staff to easily learn the new product. MistAway set up an online training regimen with questions and answers to train the installers. Meshify staff configured the MistAway apps with notification rules for their service companies that email them when chemical in one of their customers tanks reaches lower than 20%. They also set up a text message and email alert if a customers’ controller throws one of eleven error codes.

New features from Meshify come with no change in service charges as platform improvements that are on the road map are included. Changes specifically for MistAway only are charged at a reasonable hourly rate.

MistAway now charges their dealer/service network a recurring revenue fee through the Meshify subscription management system. The dealers and customers access the system online and/or through iMistAway-branded mobile apps and the company now has achieved recurring revenue in partnership with Meshify. Dealers ROI on the system is also positive as they decrease truck rolls through route optimization, increase chemical sales, see fewer issues reported from customers and gain more referrals.

In addition, sales of the core MistAway Misting Systems are on the rise due to the product feedback offered via iMistAway and the ease of management of the dealers business.


Key Results

The dealers and customers access the system online and/or through iMistaway-branded mobile apps.

Able to charge dealer/service network recurring revenue fees through Meshify subscription management system.

Achieve recurring revenue In partnership With Meshify.

Dealers ROI on System is Positive
• Decreased “truck rolls”
• Route optimization
• Increased chemical sales
• Higher customer satisfaction
• More Referrals

Sales of core MistAway misting systems are on the rise due to greater user and dealer satisfaction.

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PROVIDE ERROR CODES AND FULL REMOTE ACCESS for service personnel to ensure customer systems are always on and and using chemical. These full-service contracts are the most lucrative for the service companies.

MAXIMIZE CHEMICAL SALES by knowing which systems are out of chemical.

OPTIMIZE SERVICE routes for technicians.

REMOTELY UPDATE THE FIRMWARE on the controller for code maintenance, new features, or bug fixes.

TARGET A GROWING MARKET in Agriculture where one customer may need to manage dozens of units.

“Meshify has been our partner on iMistAway since our launch in 2013. We have scaled to thousands of devices and plan to add thousands more in the coming seasons.”

William Maslin, Executive VP, MistAway Systems