Stallion Oilfield Services Case Study

"The Meshify team offered the right solution to complement our Satellite communications offering in the oilfield.  We are able to create value for our customers through unique monitoring and control applications to lower operational costs and reduce risk."

Pedro Buhigas, Stallion Oilfield Services

Use Cases : Water Treatment, Tank Monitoring and Site Security


The Stallion Oilfield Services executive team identified the digital oilfield as a growth opportunity early. The company offers satellite communications to customers for hard-to-reach assets to gain communication with the back office. To complement this offering, Stallion tapped Meshify as the IoT platform of choice to bring further granular business value through connected assets downstream from the satellite communications. With Meshify, Stallion was able to quickly build out applications for monitoring and remotely servicing waste water treatment units, tank monitoring and site security to address key business concerns for their customers. The team envisions more applications on the platform as they look to create additional operational savings and risk reduction to their many customers in the continental U.S.

The Right Solution

Meshify met all the objectives for the needs outlined by Stallion Oilfield Services. The company now has three use-cases in operation with more in the pipeline. Some of the use-cases, like water treatment monitoring, offer the customer the ability to reduce operational expenses through decreased truck rolls and on-time delivery of consumables. Other use cases, such as site security, reduce risk in the field. Site security through Stallion offers the ability to automate the tracking of persons and vehicles on upstream sites to reduce risks for the operator. Full transparency and visibility is the key to delivering this type of solution, and Meshify met those needs.

Key Results

Rapidly Deployed IoT Applications To Remotely Monitor and Service

Waste water treatment units, storage tanks, site security

Reduce Operational Costs

Decreased “truck rolls”, on-time delivery of consumables

Increased Site Security

Automated tracking of persons and vehicles on upstream sites to reduce risks of operators


  • One branded Platform to uniformly provide multiple connected-device use-cases to customers
  • Must work across disparate devices for quick integration and nimble movement on opportunities
  • In today's environment, it must be cost-effective for customers while allowing new meaningful revenue for Stallion
  • Enterprise-grade security and scalability
  • Low maintenance and easy provisioning must be built-in
  • Meet the needs for the initial use-cases with the capability to expand
  • Integration with existing systems should be easy