Gems Sensors & Controls Case Study

"With Meshify, we acquired the flexibility and adaptability to rapidly scale and analyze devices from industries as diverse as process tank gauging, oil & gas and semiconductor manufacturing."

-Stephen Lovass, President of Gems Sensors

Smart Sensors Packaged for Specific Market Opportunities


Meshify internet-connected our new product-offering in a matter of a days.  We were able to move to pilot with some potential early adopters of the new offering within a very short time frame. In addition, Meshify support has been there for us as we have needed to update the new applications based on customer feedback.  As we look to the future, we know that the data produced by our differentiated sensor-offerings will be a value to businesses we need to offer.

The feedback from the Meshify system also allowed us to actually build a shorter iteration cycle for our new product offering.  We were able to find issues and fix bugs faster during product development because of the Meshify implementation.

Meshify enables us to analyze real-time data analytics combined with time-series data, giving us a complete overview of each device across different industries. Additionally, we can view all our devices with Meshify’s roll-up statistics, giving us an overview of all our devices at the click of a button.

Key Results

Reduced Product Development Cycle

Customer feedback via Meshify IoT solution enabled shorter iteration cycle

Real-Time Data Analytics Combined With Time-Series Data

Provided a key overview of every device across different industries

Improved Visibility

Meshify’s roll-up statistics provides overview of all the devices


  • Target niche markets : Able to target several niche markets with a single branded application
  • Quick Pilot : Low-risk to get started and pilot with potential customers for feedback
  • Flexible : Able to nimbly change interfaces and key data points based on customer needs
  • Notifications : User-defined thresholds for notifications to be sent